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Leading Research Facilitation in Law. We are a national resource for legal researchers supporting and facilitating research students at universities across.

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Maritime Law (Top-Up) (Distance Learning) - LLM - London. Specialise in a unique legal area of the maritime industry with our highly successful online Maritime Law LLM course.

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University of Mysore - Examination Results APRIL/MAY 2018 EXAM. B.A Second Semester, Fourth Semester, Final Semester; B.B.A (TOURISM AND HOTEL MANAGEMENT) Second Semester; B.B.M. (REVISED.

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International Business Law - LLM - Anglia Ruskin University Master the theory and practice of international business law on our LLM in Cambridge. Advance your analytic and research skills. Further your knowledge of.

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International Human Rights and Development - PgDip / LLM. Overview. With over 30 years of expertise, LSBU Law has shaped the professional futures of thousands of law students. The LLM International Human Rights.

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Influence of the breathing pattern on the learning process. Influence of the breathing pattern on the learning process: a systematic review of literature ☆

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International Law - LLM - Anglia Ruskin University Master the theory and practice of international law on our LLM in Cambridge. Develop advanced analytic & research skills for professional practice and.

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Financial Crimes and Money Laundering - University of Dubai Master of Laws (LLM) in Financial Crimes and Money Laundering is a unique opportunity for all interested members in the prevention of financial crimes

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Law - Routledge Routledge Law publishes research monographs, Handbooks and textbooks across a wide range of subject areas, from leading international authors, and new and.

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Home | University of Toronto Faculty of Law 'You can’t keep the institution on its world class trajectory unless you make sure every qualified student can afford to attend.” Sorrenti's generous $.

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